> - Patches 1 and 2 are fixes to let Linux use set 3 if instructed so.
> - Patch 3 makes scancodes untranslated by default and translates them if 
> required,
>   instead of receiving translated scancodes by default and untranslating them 
> if
>   required.
> - Patch 4 switches to use qcodes instead of scancodes.
> - Patch 5 is a small cleanup, to prevent sending invalid keycodes to the OS.


> Patch 3 doesn't pass checkpatch.pl, due to translation table using more than 
> 80 columns.

Easily fixable by breaking those long lines into two.

> Patch 4 doesn't pass checkpatch.pl, due to some key mappings not implemented 
> because of
> missing an equivalent qcode.

Hmm, yes, I've found the checkpatch warning on "#if 0" annonying in
simliar cases before.  Documenting incomplete translation tables that
way looks reasonable to me ...

Beside that we can consider adding these qcodes to qemu (which shouldn't
block merging this series of course).


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