On 15/09/2016 11:25, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> So in this case the image is actually overlay.qcow2, and it is created 
> with img-direct as the backing file?  Since you have to create 
> overlay.qcow2 outside QEMU anyway, overlay.qcow2 might as well be the 
> "image".  That is, you could choose between:
>    -drive driver=blkreplay,if=none,image=overlay.qcow2,id=img-blkreplay \
>    -rr snapshot=replay_init,...
>    -drive driver=blkreplay,if=none,image=img-direct,id=img-blkreplay
> The temporary snapshot would be created if there's no "-rr snapshot" option
> on the command line.

Sorry, that would be "-icount rrsnapshot=" of course.


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