Hi Pavel,

Thank you for the merge - CAN-bus support for QEMU is very important in my 
opinion. Most embedded applications utilise CAN and virtualising this interface 
gives an amazing integration test harness.

Best regards,

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Deniz Eren
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> On 9 Sep. 2016, at 3:10 am, Pavel Pisa <p...@cmp.felk.cvut.cz> wrote:
> Hello Deniz,
> thanks much for contribution and testing.
> I have applied your patches to our QEMU
> repo
>  https://github.com/CTU-IIG/qemu
> You find QEMU-2.6.1 based version of our merged
> patches on "merged-2.6" branch.
> I have updated and shortly tested all our topic branches
> with actual QEMU-2.7.0 release. Simple test with
> Linux within Linux and SocketCAN on both sides
> works for PCI CAN-S (single SJA1000 channel) card
> well with QEMU-2.7.0.
> So I have undated all topics branches "can-pci",
> "mf624" and "apohw" to this version then and created
> "merged-2.7" branch. "merged" branch is now moved
> to "merged-2.7" as well.
> Your offer to help with mainlining is great as well.
> Some discussion with somebody from core QEMU team
> member is required.
> I hope that actual CAN chip driver and PCI cards
> follow QOM model right way. Problem is the simple
> bus used for mesages delivery between CAN controllers.
> These buses should be converted somehow to QOM acceptable
> model. But for embedded development when you do not
> freeze emulated system state is actual solution quite
> usable as well.
> It would be great to implement CAN FD (Flexible Datarate)
> controller emulation support as well.
> I am trying to find some diploma student for that for
> two years already because he/she can have continuous
> time for such work and testing which I cannot find.
> Help from other instreested or project users would
> be great as well.
> Best wishes,
>              Pavel

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