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Marc-André Lureau writes:

> Hi Pranith
> On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 6:05 PM Pranith Kumar <bobby.pr...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This patch series cleans up the tcg tests in tests/tcg folder.
> Incidentally, I was also looking at reorganizing tests/tcg last week. I
> think your series brings some necessary improvements, but it will probably
> need more iterations before it is accepted. Could you split off your
> obvious changes, such as test build fixes? I think it would help to get
> those out of the way first (cc -trivial). Also it would help if you
> documented the makefile changes.

OK, I will split up the patches into trivial fixes and document the changes to
>> The tests have bit-rotten and were not compiling or running. I fixed
>> the Makefiles to make them compile but there are tests which do not
>> pass.
>> The motivation is to add litmus tests to each arch and have them run
>> using the 'make check' target to test consistency on TCG.
>> There are no maintainers listed for this test folder. So I am cc'ing
>> people who I think might be interested.
>> As suggested by rth in v1 posting, I hooked up 'tests-tcg' target to
>> run native tests. Detecting cross compilers or running the tests
>> in docker containers are suggested ideas to make running the tests
>> easier.
> It doesn't make much sense to me to run only native tests (the uname -p),
> could you explain the rationale? Instead, I would check what
> cross-compilers and qemu targets are available to run the appropriate tests.

Detecting cross compilers is not perfect right now, so I hooked up only the
native tests. If you know of a reliable way to detect the presence of cross
compilers, please let me know :)

Cross compilation tests are supposed to be called by providing a CROSS_CC env
variable populated with the installed cross compiler from the
build/<arch>-linux-user/tests/ directory (as documented in the arm Makefile

I did not touch the make files for most archs which already had the cross
compiler hard-coded. I can modify them to make them similar to what I did for


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