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  [PPC] SegFault due to Stack Overflow in E500

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  I am getting a Segmentation Fault while simulating a PowerPC e500. I've tried 
to debug the problem and I've found that it occurs when you have a 0 value 
decrementer. The function trace is the following:

  1) __cpu_ppc_store_decr (ppc.c) is called with value = 0 and 
  2) Since value < 3, booke_decr_cb is called;
  3) booke_decr_cb then calls booke_update_irq() and cpu_ppc_store_decr();
  4) cpu_ppc_store_decr calls __cpu_ppc_store_decr

  You're stuck on this infinite cycle until your stack overflows

  Command Line:
  qemu-system-ppc -cpu e500v2 -d guest_errors,unimp -m 2048 -M ppce500 
-nographic -bios ../cc/share/qem
  u/u-boot.e500 -kernel XKYAPP.exe

  Platform where the bug occured: Bash ubuntu on Windows;

  Revision where the bug was found:
  e3571ae30cd26d19efd4554c25e32ef64d6a36b3 (16 Set 2016)


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