This turns out to be nothing to do with setend. We're doing something wrong 
emulating the following nasty hack:

        sub     pc, pc, #1  @ is an interworking branch on ARMv7, not ARMv6
        and     a1, a4, a1  @ second word interpreted as 'B .+0xA' if Thumb
        mov     a1, #6
        bx      lr
        mov     a1, #7
        bx      lr

so after the 'sub pc, pc, #1' (which in my debug trace is at address
0xb6f086dc) QEMU next tries to execute from 0xb6f086e2 in ARM mode,
which is neither of the two expected outcomes. As it happens we hit an
undefined instruction pretty much immediately afterwards:

0xb6f086e2:  0006e003      andeq        lr, r6, r3
0xb6f086e6:  ff1ee3a0      undefined instruction 0xff1ee3a0

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  qemu-arm dies with libarmmem inside

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  When running raspbian inside qemu,the user has to first comment out
  the following line from /etc/


  Will future qemus will be able to work without changine /etc/ ?

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