Am 20.09.2016 um 09:56 schrieb Paolo Bonzini:

... dumping the flat-view would give you something much simpler:

0000000000000000-000000000009ffff (RW): pc.ram
00000000000a0000-00000000000bffff (RW): vga-lowmem
00000000000c0000-00000000000fffff (R-): pc.ram @ 00000000000c0000
0000000000100000-0000000007ffffff (RW): pc.ram @ 0000000000100000
00000000fd000000-00000000fdffffff (RW): vga.vram
00000000febc0000-00000000febdffff (RW): e1000-mmio
00000000febf0000-00000000febf0fff (RW): vga.mmio
00000000febf0400-00000000febf041f (RW): vga ioports remapped
00000000febf0500-00000000febf0515 (RW): bochs dispi interface
00000000febf0600-00000000febf0607 (RW): qemu extended regs
00000000fec00000-00000000fec00fff (RW): ioapic
00000000fed00000-00000000fed003ff (RW): hpet
00000000fee00000-00000000feefffff (RW): apic-msi
00000000fffc0000-00000000ffffffff (R-): pc.bios

How did you create this output ?
I did not find any hint in monitor help or the qemu source tree.
(either too many matches or no matches at all for my searches.)
Is this what you envision to receive from this patch initiative ?

This is less information of course, but it may good idea depending on
_why_ you're doing that.


I explained more of my motivation in a reply to Laszlo's mail, i.e. why
I am really keen on exactly the kind of output I suggest with the patch.

But as a compromise, I would be willing to add the flat view map as well.
Still though, I see that as an additional patch on top, coming later,
as this would need more discussion about how to exacly format the output.

I'd really like to have that mtree mapinfo discussion tool merged _soon_.

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