On 09/21/2016 09:01 AM, Fam Zheng wrote:
> On Wed, 09/21 15:44, Greg Kurz wrote:
>> On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 06:35:04 -0700 (PDT)
>> no-re...@patchew.org wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Your series failed automatic build test. Please find the testing commands 
>>> and
>>> their output below. If you have docker installed, you can probably 
>>> reproduce it
>>> locally.
>> Heh... of course patchew doesn't know about Stefan's series. :)
> Usually those patchsets fail to apply and patchew keeps quiet. This series is
> the first victim of a exception, seemingly. :)

While we're at it, is there a way to make the error messages include the
last 15 lines or so of the build log first, and then the full build log?
 Usually, the failure is easy to identify from the tail of the message,
but having to scroll to the bottom past all the successful portion of
the log is slower than seeing the tail up front.  At the same time, the
full log is useful for the cases where the failure occurs earlier than
the last 15 lines.

>> Is there an appropriate way to avoid complaints when sending a patchset that
>> isn't based on QEMU master ?
> Currently we don't, but we can invent one. Like:
> Base: http://github.com/someone/qemu branch

I like that idea (these patches apply from that point; then it is up to
patchew whether to bother chasing down that point or just skipping the

> for the "base on maintainer tree" case, or just inform patchew to "pull"
> instead of apply:
> Git: http://github.com/someone/qemu topic

Maybe Pull: instead of Git:, but again a nice idea.

> for the "base on the other series" case.
> Supporting this is not complicated, the tricky thing is to remember to put 
> that
> magic in cover letters every time a series doesn't base on master.
> Any thoughts on the harder question? :)

Which one was the harder question? How to get people to remember to use
magic that patchew can recognize?

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