On 22/09/2016 07:41, Pavel Dovgalyuk wrote:
>> From: Paolo Bonzini [mailto:pbonz...@redhat.com]
>> On 21/09/2016 13:33, Pavel Dovgalyuk wrote:
>>> This set of patches includes several fixes for replay and
>>> adds network record/replay for network devices. It also makes possible
>>> saving/restoring vmstate in replay mode.
>>> Record and replay for network interactions is performed with the network 
>>> filter.
>>> Each backend must have its own instance of the replay filter as follows:
>>>  -netdev user,id=net1 -device rtl8139,netdev=net1
>>>  -object filter-replay,id=replay,netdev=net1
>>> This patches add rrsnapshot option for icount. rrshapshot option creates
>>> start snapshot at record and loads it at replay. It allows preserving
>>> the state of disk images used by virtual machine. This vm state can also
>>> use used to roll back the execution while replaying.
>>> This set of patches includes fixes and additions for icount and
>>> record/replay implementation:
>>>  - VM start/stop in replay mode
>>>  - Network interaction record/replay
>>>  - overlay option for blkreplay filter
>>>  - rrsnapshot option for record/replay
>>>  - vmstate fix for integratorcp ARM platform
>>> v4 changes:
>>>  - Overlay option is removed from blkreplay driver (as suggested by Paolo 
>>> Bonzini)
>>>  - Minor changes
>>> v3 changes:
>>>  - Added rrsnapshot option for specifying the initial snapshot name (as 
>>> suggested by Paolo
>> Bonzini)
>>>  - Minor changes
>> When you post v5, I suspect it's best if you move patches 5-7 first,
>> because those are the ones I'm going to merge myself.
> And what about network support (patch 1)?

It's not my area and I hardly know anything about net/; Jason Wang would
merge it.


> Nobody has commented it in any of the iterations.
> Pavel Dovgalyuk

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