On 2016/9/14 17:05, Paolo Bonzini wrote:

On 14/09/2016 09:55, Herongguang (Stephen) wrote:
We found a problem that when a redhat 6 VM reboots (in grub countdown
UI), migrating this VM will result in VM’s memory difference between
source and destination side. The difference always resides in GPA
0xA0000~0xC0000, i.e. SMRAM area.

Occasionally this result in VM instruction emulation error in
destination side.

After some digging, I think this is because in migration code, in
migration_bitmap_sync(), only memory slots in address space
address_space_memory’s dirty bitmap  fetched from kvm-kmod, while SMRAM
memory slot, in address space smram_address_space’s dirty bitmap not
fetched from kvm-kmod, thus modifications in SMRAM in source side are
not sent to destination side.

I tried following patch, and this phenomenon does not happen anymore. Do
you think this patch is OK or do you have better idea? Thanks.

Nice caatch!

I think the right solution here is to sync all RAM memory regions
instead of the address spaces.  You can do that by putting a notifier in
MemoryRegion; register the notifier in all the RAM creation functions
(basically after every mr->ram=true or mr->rom_device=true), and
unregister it in memory_region_destructor_ram.



I have some concern:
1. For example, vhost does not know about as_id, I wonder if guests in SMM can 
operate disk or ether card, as in
that case vhost would not logging dirty pages correctly, without knowing as_id.

2. If a memory region is disabled/enabled/disabled frequently, since disabled 
memory regions would be removed
from memory slots in kvm-kmod, dirty pages would be discarded in kvm-kmod and 
qemu when disabled, thus missing.
Is my assumption correct?

3. I agree your opinion that the right solution is to get dirty-page 
information for all memory region from
kvm-kmod. But I found it’s somewhat hard to implement since kvm_log_sync() 
expects a MemoryRegionSection*
parameter. Do you have good idea?

As to all the ram memory regions, I think they are all in the ram_list.blocks, 
so there is no need to create
a notifier, is this correct?

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