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> From: "Dr. David Alan Gilbert" <dgilb...@redhat.com>
> In an effort to nibble away at register_savevm users,
> this set removes 5 more and converts them to vmstate.
> The ssd0323 seems to test OK with Peter's Stellaris test.
> The rc4030 has a tested-by from Hervé.
> The other 3 I'm less sure of; the ssi-sd is similar to the ssd0323;
> the two tsc2xxx devices I've not got a test for (or at least a test
> that works prior to the changes).
> (This is v2 since I previously posted the rc4030 and ssd0323 back in July;
> but it seems to make sense to roll this lot together)

rc4030 is mips so should go through the mips tree (also the
commit message IMHO needs cleanup). I've taken patches 1 and 3
into target-arm.next.

-- PMM

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