On 2016年09月15日 14:14, Dmitry Fleytman wrote:
This series contains a few RX logic fixes for e1000e.

These fixes improve compliance to HW device specification
and fix occasional interruptions of RX traffic with
the latest linux driver.

Dmitry Fleytman (7):
   e1000e: Flush all receive queues on receive enable
   e1000e: Flush receive queue on link up
   e1000e: Fix CTRL_EXT.EIAME behavior
   e1000e: Fix PBACLR implementation
   e1000e: Fix OTHER interupts processing for MSI-X
   e1000e: Fix spurious RX TCP ACK interrupts
   e1000e: Fix EIAC register implementation

  hw/net/e1000e.c      |  2 +-
  hw/net/e1000e_core.c | 30 +++++++++++++++++++-----------
  hw/net/e1000e_core.h |  3 +++
  hw/net/trace-events  |  2 +-
  4 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

Applied, thanks.

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