On 10/11/2016 08:32 PM, Igor Mammedov wrote:

Of course, @fit and @current_number should be persistent during live migration.
you can drop RCU and @current_number,
and @fit could be exactly recreated on target side from
 -device nvdim ...
set of options, which must include all currently present
(including hotplugged) devices from source side.

It's sufficient to invalidate and restart DMA transfer in flight.

pc_dimm_memory_plug ()
  -> regenerate_fit()
      -> set local flag @fit-dirty

  -> start QEMU.fit_read()
      -> if offset == 0 ? clear @fit-dirty
      make sure fit_read() won't conflict with regenerate_fit()
        either plain mutex or RCU would do the job

     if (@fit-dirty)
         abort/restart DMA from start

In migration case, the target would have @fit-dirty set thanks to
pc_dimm_memory_plug () -> regenerate_fit() and any DMA in flight
would be restarted.
That's a little bit inefficient as source_fit exactly matches
target_fit and DMA could continue, but it would save us from
having fit specific migration state to transfer and maintain.

Nice, that works. :-)


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