Hi all,

I spent some time cleaning up the wiki in order to make it easier to
organize information.

The pages are now organized in a mostly hierarchical fashion, starting
at the following entry points:

* http://qemu-project.org/ChangeLog
* http://qemu-project.org/Contribute (formerly /Contribute/StartHere)
* http://qemu-project.org/Documentation (formerly /Manual)
* http://qemu-project.org/Features
* http://qemu-project.org/Planning
* http://qemu-project.org/Testing (formerly the Testing category)
* http://qemu-project.org/ToDo

Each of these seven pages includes a link to an automatically-generated
(and hence always up to date :)) list of the corresponding subpages.
I've left around some redirects, but generally most pages are now under
one or more these groupings.

I have not touched GSoC or Outreachy pages, since those are Stefan's.
Those are still organized through categories.

If you want to help improving QEMU's documentation, one useful thing to
do would be to look for pages from these lists:

* http://qemu-project.org/Category:User_documentation
* http://qemu-project.org/Category:Developer_documentation
* http://qemu-project.org/Category:Completed_feature_pages

and see what can be moved from there into QEMU's in-tree documentation.

I don't have the power to delete pages on the wiki, so if you do go
ahead and nuke everything in http://qemu-project.org/Category:Delete.
Most of these are pages that have been moved and are unlikely to have
been in someone's bookmarks.  Pages for obsolete feature are still there
but marked as such ([[Category:Obsolete feature pages]]).  There may
still be something to salvage in their pages.

If you do, I hope for you that it isn't as slow as move and create
operations, which can take a minute or two to complete. :(

Admins can also help by updating the sidebar's "Start here" and
"Documentation" links to point to the new URLs, respectively /Contribute
and /Documentation.  Though there are redirects so it's not a big deal.



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