On 10/12/2016 06:18 AM, Artyom Tarasenko wrote:
What I would most like to see, for QEMU, is an artificial sun4v compatible
machine that implements a "hardware" page table walk.  I.e. no use of
SparcTLBEntry, but walking the page tables directly.

Because QEMU can then satisfy a page lookup internally, without having to
longjmp out of a memory reference in progress in order to restart the cpu
for the software TLB miss handler, the emulation runs about 30-50% faster.
At least that has been my experience emulating Alpha vs MIPS.

It would require custom roms, but those should be fairly easy to modify from
the existing source.

Maybe it's even possible without the modifications. For instance,
implement the table walk compatible with the current hypervisor, and
then just add possibility to overlay hypervisor call using some CPU
feature flag.

Maybe so. What we lack is being given direct access to the page table base. But we know that the CPU structure is in the hypervisor shadow register 0, and that offset CPU_ROOT is the page table base.

As long as we're willing to hard-code these two facts concerning any rom we care to load, we could in fact implement the tlb miss success path inside QEMU. We would let the rom re-do the work for the tlb miss failure path, on the way to raising the exception with the supervisor.


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