On 13/10/2016 22:26, Thomas Huth wrote:
> On 13.10.2016 21:53, Laurent Vivier wrote:
>> g3beige (pmac_oldworld) and mac99 (pmac_newworld) are missing in
>> boot-serial-test.
>> Perhaps because serial output of OpenBIOS is only enabled with
>> '-nographic'
> IIRC clearly, I've left them out because they are basically already
> tested with the prom-env test. I was a little bit afraid that the
> testing time would become too long, but since this test is quite fast,
> and it makes sense to check whether the serial output is working, too, I
> think it's also OK if you add them here.
> Two thoughts though:
> 1) I think you do *not* need the "-nographic" here, because the test is
> using the "-serial" parameter to get the output of the serial console.

Yes, you're right, and as it was not an oversight, just forget this patch...


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