This commit: c9bc3437a905b660561a26cd4ecc64579843267b
Author: Richard Henderson <r...@twiddle.net>
Date:   Tue Jun 21 17:32:12 2016 -0700

    linux-user: Provide safe_syscall for s390x

does not build on debian unstable porterbox for s390x, with
the following error message:

linux-user/host/s390x/safe-syscall.inc.S: Assembler messages:
linux-user/host/s390x/safe-syscall.inc.S:75: Error: Unrecognized opcode: `lt'
rules.mak:72: recipe for target 'linux-user/safe-syscall.o' failed

Since I know nothing about s390, I've no idea what's at fault
here... :)  Thought I'd report this :)



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