On 10/14/16 10:25, Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
* Stefan Weil (s...@weilnetz.de) wrote:
Instead of allocating a VMStateDescription for each NIC instance,
the code now uses a single constant VMStateDescription for all
instances. That implies that the name field is always the same.

Doesn't this break migration compatibility?

You might be able to get around that (in the forward direction only)
by adding an entry to qdev_alias_table but I'm not sure.


I'm not an expert for migration (never used it myself).

Is migration compatibility a must, even for non default settings
like the NICs implemented by eepro100.c? I assume that applications
which use migration will usually run with an e1000 NIC.

Or can we break migration compatibility and add that information
to the release notes?

How does e1000 handle migration if QEMU was started with a
e1000-82544gc NIC and migrated to a e1000-82545em NIC?


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