The two main goals in this patch set are:

 * Make use of the new MO_ALIGN_* flags, to allow less use of
   check_align, and support partially misaligned fp memory ops.

 * More cleanups for ASIs, in the end using the new atomic ops.

The final two patches require the "cmpxchg atomic" v6 patch set.
Otherwise this patch set should apply to master.  The full tree
is at

  git:// tgt-sparc-6

Changes since v1:

  * The "Remove asi helper code handled inline" patch retains the
    code within ldda to handle asis that must be handled out of line.

    This fixes the FreeBSD 10.3 boot problem.  While the UA2007 spec
    (and thus sun4v?) doesn't allow for such, it would seem that US2
    hardware does.

  * Dropped the "Optimize writeback of cpu_cond" patch.

    This fixes the debian 7.8 install.  Not sure exactly what's wrong
    with it yet, but let's just drop it for now.


Richard Henderson (15):
  target-sparc: Use overalignment flags for twinx and block asis
  target-sparc: Introduce cpu_raise_exception_ra
  target-sparc: Add MMU_PHYS_IDX
  target-sparc: Use MMU_PHYS_IDX for bypass asis
  target-sparc: Handle more twinx asis
  target-sparc: Implement swap_asi inline
  target-sparc: Implement ldstub_asi inline
  target-sparc: Implement cas_asi/casx_asi inline
  target-sparc: Implement BCOPY/BFILL inline
  target-sparc: Remove asi helper code handled inline
  target-sparc: Implement ldqf and stqf inline
  target-sparc: Allow 4-byte alignment on fp mem ops
  target-sparc: Remove MMU_MODE*_SUFFIX
  target-sparc: Use tcg_gen_atomic_xchg_tl
  target-sparc: Use tcg_gen_atomic_cmpxchg_tl

 target-sparc/cpu.h         |  34 +-
 target-sparc/helper.c      |  52 ++-
 target-sparc/helper.h      |   7 -
 target-sparc/ldst_helper.c | 998 ++++++++-------------------------------------
 target-sparc/mmu_helper.c  |  47 ++-
 target-sparc/translate.c   | 434 +++++++++++++-------
 target-sparc/win_helper.c  |  37 +-
 7 files changed, 531 insertions(+), 1078 deletions(-)


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