>>> Paolo Bonzini <pbonz...@redhat.com> 2/16/2017 4:39 下午 >>>
>On 16/02/2017 08:16, Lin Ma wrote:
>>> What are the benefits of having FC access from the guest?
>> Actually, I havn't dug it too much, Just thought that from virtualization's
>> perspective, when interact with FC storage, having complete FC access
>> from the guest is the way it should use.
>How much of this requires a completely new spec?  Could we get enough of
>the benefit (e.g. the ability to issue rescans or LIPs on the host) by
>extending virtio-scsi?

I understand, It needs too much stuff for building such an all new device. 
Furthermore, from performance's perspective, Extending virtio-scsi way doesn't
involve in the fc fabric level, leave it to physical HBA to handle, may get 

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