On Do, 2017-05-18 at 22:43 -0400, jenia mtl wrote:
> Hello.
> How do I specify how much graphics memory the Windows client should have in
> QEMU. I have successfully installed Virtio and can launch the VM (Windows)
> with it. This doubles the memory form 8MB to 16MB. But I need 512. How can
> I set that?

virtio-vga doesn't need dedicated video memory, except for the
(unaccelerated) vga compatibility mode.  But given that there are no
virtio-vga drivers for windows (yet) it'll actually runs in vga mode, so
you have no advantages over stdvga.

stdvga can be configured with up to 256M of video memory (-device
VGA,vgamem_mb=64).  This will allow higher resolutions display
resolutions.  Still an unaccelerated framebuffer though.


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