On 07/17/2017 11:13 AM, Xulei (Stone) wrote:

>>                              |--virtio_queue_empty
>> Then, kmod falls in infinite loop in handle EPT_MISCONFIG.
>> As far as i know, when kvm enters guest after handling EPT_MISCONFIG, 
>> seabios should return
>> from mmio write and wait for virtio backend(qemu) to handle this mmio 
>> writing.
>> What puzzles me:
>> 1) i can not understand why kvm runs in infinite loop and seabios does not 
>> return from writew.

  >From the trace in L1 guest, it did not hang in KVM, as it went into guest 
mode normally.

>> 2) kvm nested kvm is ok. But vmware nested kvm is not ok. This problem has 
>> anything related
>>     with vmware?

> It is the issue in vmware, i guess the RIP register is not handled correctly.
> BTW, does kvm unit tests run well on nested vmware?

Sadly, kvm unit tests run fail on nested vmware and make the  CentOS 7.3(with 
kmod 4.4.11) crashed...

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