On 08/08/17 04:02, Fam Zheng wrote:
> Hi, QEMU patch submitters,
> I've patched patchew so that if you add a line:
> Based-on: $MESSAGE_ID
> in your cover letter body, or in a reply to it (or reply to reply), patchew 
> will
> try to apply your series on top of the one $MESSAGE_ID refers to, assuming the
> base series _was_ successfully applied by patchew earlier.
> In the single patch case, you can put the line under the "---" mark in the
> commit message (no need to let it enter git history).
> For human readability, around the "Based-on:" line it may be better if the
> subject is noted. E.g.:
> Based-on: 20170804140942.19342-1-f...@redhat.com
> ([PATCH for-2.10] vmdk: Fix error handling/reporting of vmdk_check)
> Please don't join them in one line because it will confuse the parser, after 
> all
> following the message id text, there aren't many spaces left.

If the basis is a multi-patch series, should Based-on refer to the msgid
of the last patch in that series, or its blurb? (I guess "refer to
blurb" is more logical, but asking shouldn't hurt.)


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