It turns out that my recent fix to set rip_offset when emulating some
SSE4.1 instructions needs generalizing to cover a wider class of
instructions.  Specifically, every instruction in the sse_op_table7
table, coming from various instruction set extensions, has an 8-bit
immediate operand that comes after any memory operand, and so needs
rip_offset set for correctness if there is a memory operand that is
rip-relative, and my patch only set it for a subset of those
instructions.  This patch moves the rip_offset setting to cover the
wider class of instructions, so fixing 9 further gcc testsuite
failures in my GCC 6-based testing.  (I do not know whether there
might be still further classes of instructions missing this setting.)

Signed-off-by: Joseph Myers <>


diff --git a/target/i386/translate.c b/target/i386/translate.c
index 5fdadf9..95f7261 100644
--- a/target/i386/translate.c
+++ b/target/i386/translate.c
@@ -4077,10 +4077,11 @@ static void gen_sse(CPUX86State *env, DisasContext *s, 
int b,
             if (!(s->cpuid_ext_features & sse_op_table7[b].ext_mask))
                 goto illegal_op;
+            s->rip_offset = 1;
             if (sse_fn_eppi == SSE_SPECIAL) {
                 ot = mo_64_32(s->dflag);
                 rm = (modrm & 7) | REX_B(s);
-                s->rip_offset = 1;
                 if (mod != 3)
                     gen_lea_modrm(env, s, modrm);
                 reg = ((modrm >> 3) & 7) | rex_r;

Joseph S. Myers

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