Hi Stefan,

On 08/09/2017 07:16 AM, Stefan Hajnoczi wrote:
[...]> Python scripts needed to build QEMU are the highest priority.  They
are invoked by ./configure or make.  I've identified the following:


The fundamentals of adding Python 3 support are:

1. The script must work correctly under both Python 2.6+ and Python 3.
3. Avoid third-party package dependencies - QEMU currently has none!

This seems true for the "invoked by ./configure or make" set. However:

scripts/qemu-gdb.py:20:import gdb
scripts/qemugdb/aio.py:13:import gdb
scripts/qemugdb/coroutine.py:16:import gdb
scripts/qemugdb/mtree.py:18:import gdb

I just checked gdb8 and can't confirm python3 build works.

Also another 3rd party (python3 compliant):

scripts/analyze-migration.py:20:import numpy as np

Off-topic but we might document how to install dependencies for those scripts?

That means do not use 'six' or 'python-future'.  Our use of Python
isn't that fancy, but if you feel a third party package is essential
the please justify it.



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