On 08/09/2017 10:40 AM, Markus Armbruster wrote:
> Eric Blake <ebl...@redhat.com> writes:
>> Now that we've asserted that all of our interpolated QMP commands
>> include 'execute', we can reduce some of the caller boilerplate
>> by providing a helpr function to wrap commands with no arguments
> helper
> I don't get the dependency on asserting "contains 'execute'".

As mentioned elsewhere, the assertions helped me make sure I converted
all qmp() callers, but I'm fine not having it (and therefore adjusting
this commit message) in the next spin.

>> +void qmp_cmd_async(const char *cmd)
>> +{
>> +    qtest_qmp_send(global_qtest, "{'execute':%s}", cmd);
>> +}
>> +
> Hmm.  A possibly saner naming scheme:
>     FOO_send(): send a command
>     FOO_receive(): receive a reply
>     FOO: both

Yes, I like it.  That means s/FOO_async/FOO_send/.  And to some extent,
I already did that - as the name qmp_cmd() was temporary until I could
get rid of all older qmp() semantics, and then end with s/qmp_cmd/qmp/
in 22/22.  And since I'm already touching pretty much every client, it's
no worse churn to do a sane rename in the process.

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