Now that we've got a list of deprecated interfaces/features in the QEMU
documentation, it is time to draw some more public attention to our plans
of removing certain interfaces/features in future releases.

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+layout: post
+title:  "Deprecation of old parameters and features"
+date:   2017-08-10 10:45:00 +0200
+author: Thomas Huth
+categories: [features, 'web site']
+QEMU has a lot of interfaces (like command line options or HMP commands) and
+old features (like certain devices) which are considered as deprecated
+since other more generic or better interfaces/features have been established
+instead. While the QEMU developers are generally trying to keep each QEMU
+release compatible with the previous ones, the old legacy sometimes gets into
+the way when developing new code and/or causes quite some burden of maintaining
+Thus we are currently considering to get rid of some of the old interfaces
+and features in a future release and have started to collect a list of such
+old items in our
+If you are running QEMU directly, please have a look at this deprecation
+chapter of the QEMU documentation to see whether you are still using one of
+these old interfaces or features, so you can adapt your setup to use the new
+interfaces/features instead. Or if you rather think that one of the items
+should *not* be removed from QEMU at all, please speak up on the
+[qemu-devel mailing list](
+to explain why the interface or feature is still required.

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