On 08/10/2017 01:28 PM, Markus Armbruster wrote:
Eric Blake <ebl...@redhat.com> writes:

On 08/10/2017 07:25 AM, Markus Armbruster wrote:
Signed-off-by: Markus Armbruster <arm...@redhat.com>

for the refactor:
Reviewed-by: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé <f4...@amsat.org>

  vl.c | 21 ++++++++++-----------
  1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

+++ b/vl.c
@@ -2845,7 +2845,6 @@ static bool object_create_initial(const char *type)
      return true;

Spurious whitespace change? I can live with it because it adds
consistency, but it's not on a function directly touched by this patch.

Not intentional (alternatively: I've since forgotten).  I'll drop it.

If you ever send the whitespace change as another patch with at least some funny message:
Reviewed-by: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé <f4...@amsat.org>

Reviewed-by: Eric Blake <ebl...@redhat.com>


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