Hi Frederic,

I'm slowly working on Hercules MCU peripherals and use a R4F core.

It seems that when I try to load a big endian image on a
Cortex-R5 it gets confused:
  * the instructions are fine it executes some code.

So far no problem here

  * GDB address / insns are wrong endianness.

Maybe I didn't hit this problem since I use the same setup than with openocd/real cpu with the following .gdbinit:

    set architecture armv5te
    set arm fpu vfp
    set endian big
    set remote hardware-breakpoint-limit 6
    set breakpoint auto-hw on
    set displaced-stepping on

  * in monitor x command is good endianness.
  * the data order seems to be wrong endianness:
    Here is my Hello World: lleHlroW

Indeed I hit a similar problem and found that memory::access_with_adjusted_size() has some issues, I could never finish the unit-tests but this is the first entry on my 2.11 TODO.

I'll send as RFC.



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