On 14/08/2017 21:03, Matt Parker wrote:
>>>  static const MemoryRegionOps rtl8139_mmio_ops = {
>> I think you don't even need to declare a separate MemoryRegionOps, and
>> can just recycle rtl8139_io_ops?
> Looking at the memory region, it's only 0x100 bytes in size,
> so addr & 0xFF would not be needed.
> In that case your right, the bar1 memory can just reuse the MemoryRegion from 
> IO.
> I'll update the patch for this.

You can reuse the MemoryRegionOps; you cannot reuse the MemoryRegion,
but you can replace memory_region_init_io with memory_region_init_alias
if you prefer.


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