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> 6. On source, manually trigger a "fake network down" using
>    "migrate-cancel" command:
>   {"execute": "migrate_cancel"}
>   {"return": {}}
>   During postcopy, it'll not really cancel the migration, but pause
>   it.  On both sides, we should see this on stderr:
>   qemu-system-x86_64: Detected IO failure for postcopy. Migration paused.
>   It means now both sides are in postcopy-pause state.

Sorry I forgot to update this part.  We need to use migrate-pause in
this version to explicitly pause the migration.  If on source:

  { "execute": "migrate-pause" }

If on destination, don't forget to run with OOB:

  { "execute": "migrate-pause", "id": "pause-cmd",
    "control": { "run-oob": true } }

Peter Xu

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