On 12.02.2018 15:42, klim wrote:
> I just have reverted my 2 commits and
> after that make check -j32 hangs
> with
> GTester: last random seed: R02Sb95a3bf6ab4c05540cec188081a7cc2a
> in vhost-user-test
> so it is not my fault

You're right. I've bisected the issue again, and this time I've applied
8f6d701044b ("tests/test-filter-redirector: move close()") on top of
each step if necessary, and indeed, the "vhost-user-test" problem has
nothing to do with your patches, Klim, but with the one from Marc-André.
According to git bisect, this is the commit that introduced the problem:

        commit 7e49f5e8e508ed020c96798b3f7083e24e0e425b
        tests: use memfd in vhost-user-test

Peter, since this is quite annoying if "make check" is not working
reliably, could you please revert that commit until a proper solution is


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