I currently have failing mirroring jobs to nbd, when multiple jobs are running 
in parallel.

step to reproduce, with 2 disks:

1) launch mirroring job of first disk to remote target nbd.(to qemu running 
2) wait until is reach  ready = 1 , do not complete
3) launch mirroring job of second disk to remote target nbd(to same qemu 
running target)

-> mirroring job of second disk is currently running (ready=0), first disk is 
still at ready=1 and still mirroring new write coming.

then, after some time, mainly if no new write are coming to first disk (around 
30-40s), the first job is crashing with input/output error.

Note that I don't have network problem, or disk problem, I'm able to mirror 
both disk individually.

Another similar bug report on proxmox bugzilla:


Maybe related to this :

I don't remember to have the problem with qemu 2.7, but I'm able to reproduce 
with qemu 2.9 && qemu 2.11.

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