On 13/02/18 21:01, Steven Seeger wrote:

Consider the following code:

0x100     cmp %g5, 3
0x104     be 0x200
0x108     b 0x300

I believe this is what is described on page 55 of the sparc v8 manual as
unpredictable behavior, where a Bicc precedes an unconditional branch.

QEMU actually crashes unless run in GDB. Single stepping will actually have a
successful compare of %g5==3 executing from 0x300.

Without GDB, qemu crashes with unaligned access at address 2 (JUMP_PC) on the

I understand that this may be "bad code" and may be "unpredictable" but I
don't think QEMU crashing is an acceptable case. :)

I am not a SPARC expert at all (only started looking at sparc assembly
yesterday, in fact) so I am not trying to say what the correct behavior it. It
appears that the be should be a be,a, but is not. This may be a compiler bug
in what was used to compile this code.

It seems that our board (real hardware) will run at 0x200 and ignore the
branch. I am attempting to modify translate.c to do just that to see how
things go.

If anyone else has any ideas, please chime in.

Thanks to you all for what you do.

Yeah this is when it starts getting tricky... I agree that QEMU definitely shouldn't crash but trying to figure out what the behaviour should be is the hard part.

Can you tell me a bit about your real hardware and whether it matches the behaviour of QEMU here?



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