Some pointers on how to get a patch into stable.

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+QEMU and the stable process
+QEMU stable releases
+QEMU stable releases are based upon the last released QEMU version
+and marked by an additional version number, e.g. 2.10.1. Occasionally,
+a four-number version is released, if a single urgent fix needs to go
+on top.
+Usually, stable releases are only provided for the last major QEMU
+release. For example, when QEMU 2.11.0 is released, 2.11.x or 2.11.x.y
+stable releases are produced only until QEMU 2.12.0 is released, at
+which point the stable process moves to producing 2.12.x/2.12.x.y releases.
+What should go into a stable release?
+Generally, the following patches are considered stable material:
+- Patches that fix severe issues, like fixes for CVEs
+- Patches that fix regressions
+If you think the patch would be important for users of the current release
+(or for a distribution picking fixes), it is usually a good candidate
+for stable.
+How to get a patch into QEMU stable
+There are various ways to get a patch into stable:
+* Preferred: Make sure that the stable maintainers are on copy when you send
+  the patch by adding
+  .. code::
+     Cc:
+  to the patch description. By default, this will send a copy of the patch
+  to ```` if you use git send-email, which is where
+  patches that are stable candidates are tracked by the maintainers.
+* You can also reply to a patch and put ```` on copy
+  directly in your mail client if you think a previously submitted patch
+  should be considered for a stable release.
+* If a maintainer judges the patch appropriate for stable later on (or you
+  notify them), they will add the same line to the patch, meaning that
+  the stable maintainers will be on copy on the maintainer's pull request.
+* If you judge an already merged patch suitable for stable, send a mail
+  (preferably as a reply to the most recent patch submission) to
+  ```` along with ```` and
+  appropriate other people (like the patch author or the relevant maintainer)
+  on copy.
+Stable release process
+When the stable maintainers prepare a new stable release, they will prepare
+a git branch with a release candidate and send the patches out to
+```` for review. If any of your patches are included,
+please verify that they look fine, especially if the maintainer had to tweak
+the patch as part of back-porting things across branches. You may also
+nominate other patches that you think are suitable for inclusion. After
+review is complete (may involve more release candidates), a new stable release
+is made available.

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