thanks for splitting your patch in more reviewable parts :-)

Meta-comment: If you send a patch series, please include a cover letter
next time ("PATCH 0/3") with a brief summary. Then the patch series
shows up nicely as a thread in the e-mail programs of the reviewers (you
also got to send out all files at once with "git send-email 000*" for this).

On 23.02.2018 08:51, Su Hang wrote:
> Formating with clang-format. Change back few code by hand,
> to make sure only include whitespace change.

To make the review really really easy, it would be great if the patch
would not show any differences when displayed with "git diff -w" ... but
that's currently not yet the case since you still changed the position
of newlines in a couple of places, e.g.:

> -    while (ISA_UNRESERVED(cur) || ISA_PCT_ENCODED(cur) ||
> -           ISA_SUB_DELIM(cur) || (*cur == ':'))
> -     NEXT(cur);
> +    while (ISA_UNRESERVED(cur) || ISA_PCT_ENCODED(cur) || ISA_SUB_DELIM(cur) 
> ||
> +           (*cur == ':'))
> +        NEXT(cur);

Anyway, I've went through the diff with "-w" and the changes look
reasonable to me, so I'm also OK if you want to keep the patch as it is:

Reviewed-by: Thomas Huth <th...@redhat.com>

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