Hi David,

On 03/01/2018 04:56 PM, David Brenken wrote:
> From: David Brenken <david.bren...@efs-auto.de>
> Hi Bastian,
> thank you for your feedback and sorry for the late reply.
> Changes from v1:
>  * Removed OPC1_16_SB_JNE instruction.
>  * Added CPU feature checks to new instructions.
>  * Renamed ICR.IE and PCXI.PIE masks and added corresponding TC 1.6 masks.
>  * Squashed patch 4/5 and 5/5.

This looks good to me. I'll apply it to my tricore-next branch and I
will send a pull request for upstream soon. I still have some minor nit
picks (see email inlines). However, you don't have to respin -- they are
minor and I will fix them before applying, due to softfreeze being right
around the corner.

> From the previous implementation I was unable to see that there are 
> architecture differences between TriCore version 1.3 and version 1.6 (e.g. 
> the masking of ICR.IE and PCXI.PIE).
> I did not correct the situation technically but with this patch set one will 
> be able to recognize the differences. 
> My plan is to correct this issue in a future patch series. Inspecting the 
> code I recognized that changing only the bit mask of ICR.IE and PCXI.PIE 
> depending on the processor version would not solve the problem since also the 
> shifting often used in that context depends on the architecure (e.g. in 
> op_helper.c /* PCXI.PIE = ICR.IE */). 
> Therefore I would create functions for the storing and restoring of ICR.IE. 
> These functions would have different implementations for the given processor 
> versions.

Of course. My suggestion was just in the interest of this patch series.
I'd be happy to review your proper solution.


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