On 02/03/2018 05:26, Peter Xu wrote:
> Frankly speaking I was a bit confused when I started to read
> chardev/qio codes with so many hooks, e.g., when I saw:
>      qio_net_listener_set_client_func(s->listener, tcp_chr_accept,
>                                       chr, NULL);
> I totally have no idea on what happened.  I need to go deeper into the
> net listener code to know that, hmm, it's setting up something to
> accept connections!
> If I can have something like:
>     tcp_chr_net_listener_setup(s, true);
> It may be easier for me to understand that there's something either
> registered for the listening ports, and I don't need to care about
> which function will be called when accept happened.  Basically it
> "hides" some logic inside, that's IMHO where functions/macros help.

I tend to agree with Daniel, but I probably would be convinced if you
had a pair of functions tcp_chr_{start,stop}_listen instead of a bool


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