On Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 12:07:18 +1300, Michael Clark wrote:
> BTW Apologies for the duplicate emails. I'm still getting to grips with the
> git-sendemail workflow and was using a sed script to Add Cc's which munged
> the headers as it didn't take into account Subject lines flowing to two
> lines. I guess I can just include Cc: in the commit message? and
> git-format-patch will handle it for me? or I just should how to use
> git-publish...

I don't have experience with git-publish. The following two suggestions
might help though:

- Yes, add Cc's to individual patches -- those are picked up by send-email.
  That also applies to the cover letter, although note that if
  you use --compose then Cc's won't be picked up. Instead, just write
  the cover letter into a 0000-$cover.patch (with Cc's in there)
  and do not use --compose.

- Use send-email's --dry-run option to make sure everything looks good
  without actually sending any emails.

> I still have to work on Igor's requested change to CPU initializer
> declarations, and i'd also like to get the patch in that fixes fmin/fmax
> test failures using the riscv-tests testsuite by implementing IEEE-754
> minimumNumber/maximumNumber. I'll try to get a patch onto the list before
> soft-freeze. I dropped the patch which was in an earlier version of our
> port patch series due to a conflict with changes in softfloat (conversion
> of minmax from a macro to a static function iirc).

Note that if you're fixing a bug (and the fmin/fmax patch qualifies),
you can definitely get it merged post-soft-freeze.


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