> Suggested approach
> ------------------
> Based on an upstream discussion on 'virt-tools'[1] mailing list and some
> Bugzillas, Gerd Hoffmann, Laszlo Ersek and Dan Berrangé had a suggestion
> to define a firmware metadata format and file (example in [1]):
>   - For each firmware file we need a metadata file in a well defined
>     location, e.g. /usr/share/qemu/bios/ that lists stuff like:
>       - Path to the firmware binary
>       - Path to the pre-built OVMF 'vars' file (if any)

How to load the binary (using -bios, -pflash, possibly also -kernel, for
uboot @ arm).

>       - Support architectures - associated QEMU feature flags (Secure
>         Boot)

Also machine types.  ovmf builds with smm don't boot on pc.  coreboot
has hardware-specific roms too, so the pc build wouldn't boot on q35 and
visa versa.  Same on arm, where the firmware typically is board-specific.

>       - If the binary provides / requires SMM (System Management Mode)

Possibly a more generic "flags" or "properties" thing, I can easily
imagine that simliar requirements show up on other platforms too.

Also a "name" and a "description" field would be useful.


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