On 12/03/2018 06:58, Thomas Huth wrote:
> I don't know the hw/display code very well, but I think it's not that
> easy... Putting Gerd on CC:, maybe he can describe the details of that
> BiteSizeTask a little bit better.
> (When sending patches, please also always use the get_maintainers.pl
> script to get a set of people who should be put on CC: or the patch
> might get lost in the high traffic of the qemu-devel mailing list).

It's _almost_ that easy.

First, get_depth_index must be adjusted to reflect that you have removed
the first three elements from the array.  It doesn't hurt to add an

        assert(surface_bits_per_pixel(surface) == 32)

in the function, too.

Second, the PIXEL_TYPE macro in sm501_template.h now is always uint32_t
and it can be replaced everywhere.  Likewise for BPP, which is always 4,
and DEPTH, which is always 32.



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