On 03/12/2018 06:47 AM, Kevin Wolf wrote:

+{ 'struct': 'BlockdevCreateOptionsLUKS',
+  'data': { 'file':             'BlockdevRef',
+            'qcrypto':          'QCryptoBlockCreateOptionsLUKS',
+            'size':             'size' } }

s/qcrypto/crypto/ in this field.

I do wonder about whether instead of embedding QCryptoBlockCreateOptionsLUKS
as a field, we could instead use QCryptoBlockCreateOptionsLUKS as the
base struct and just inherit from it to add file/size.

I'm not really fussed, but I wonder if you/Eric have any thoughts on the pros
or cons of inheritance vs embedding in this case.

I don't think QAPI has a way to embed it in JSON, but still provide a
QCryptoBlockCreateOptionsLUKS C object. Originally I wanted to use
inheritance, but instead of having the struct type reused, you get all
field definitions copied. I guess you could then manually cast to the
base type and it would still work, but it didn't really feel clean.

The QAPI generators generate a function (qapi_NAME_base()) which will convert any derived type back to the parent class, which is cleaner than manually casting; if that makes the decision to use inheritance any easier.

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