On 03/13/2018 09:17 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
This builds and passes 'make check', so even though the OOB portion
depends on chardev fixes that are still pending a pull request from
Paolo, that dependence can only be observed at runtime by clients
that use the new oob feature.  Given the timing of soft freeze, and
the fact that the chardev fixes do not form a build dependency, I
think it's okay if this pull request gets processed before Paolo's
(but it's also okay if Paolo's goes in first).

Based on the testsuite failures, it looks like Paolo's pull request with chardev fixes DOES have to go in first.

Nearing the end of my workday; I'm not sure what the status is on Paolo's pull request with the chardev fixes, but hope that it doesn't invalidate this pull request from still being considered as soft freeze material.

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