I am implementing 'virtio-pmem' as a mechanism to
flush guest writes with 'fake DAX' flushing interface.

Below is the high level details of components:

1] 'virtio-pmem' device expose guest physical address
  details(start, len).   

2] 'virtio-pmem' driver in guest discovers this 
    information and configures 'libnvdimm'. Guest 'pmem' 
    driver works on this memory range.

3] Guest 'pmem' driver uses 'virtio-pmem' PV driver to 
   send flush commands.

I need suggestion implementing part 1]

* When tried with 'hotplug_memory.base' address as guest physical 
  address, I am facing 'EPT_MISCONFIG' errors when pmem does mkfs. 
  After digging more it looks like address range I am using as guest
  physical address is either already mapped as MMIO or reserved. 
  Though Guest hot-plugs this physical address into its virtual 
  memory range when guest tries to read/write the memory KVM cannot 
  translate the address and throw 'EPT_MISCONFIG' error.

* While I am trying to get the appropriate guest physical address
  which is free, I could see memory 'pc_dimm_memory_plug' code 
  has a function 'pc_dimm_get_free_addr' which works with 'PC DIMM'
  class. As I am using 'VIRTIO', there is no way AFAIK this function 
  can be used by VIRTIO or my PV device code.

I need ideas to get the free guest physical address from my PV 
device code so that we can use this range in guest address space.

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