On 04/04/2018 10:54 AM, Kevin Wolf wrote:

>>> Should we also add a deprecation warning for 'socket' and update the
>>> deprecation documentation, so we can start the clock ticking on getting
>>> rid of maintaining the back-compat glue forever?
>> Well, that won't be as easy. Since there is at least one qemu release
>> which declared this in the QAPI schema but did not support using it it's
>> hard for libvirt to detect that this was fixed, and thus we can't infer
>> a capability which would be used to switch to the new-syntax only.
> Markus wanted to add some way to declare capabilities for a command in
> the schema that could be queried with schema introspection and would
> cover such cases. I think we even discussed this with you at KVM Forum?
> Eric, do you happen to know if there were any patches on the list
> related to this?

I don't recall seeing any patches from Markus before his leave, and
doubt anyone else has tackled anything along these lines.  It's too late
for 2.12, at any rate, so even if we had such a feature implemented in
time for 2.13, it won't help introspecting the 2.12 release.

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