I'm looking at adding support for MicroBlaze extended addressing
allowing 32bit cores to reach a 64-bit address space.

The ABI for MicroBlaze remains 32-bits. It's basically a PAE-like
MMU extension + a new set of extended address Load/Store instructions
for the non-MMU mode.

I'm primarily looking to implement the non-MMU mode now but it's not
entirely clear to me how to do this. It would be nice to avoid multiple
builds of microblaze and keep the address size run-time selectable.

One way I think of is to set:

And use a helper with cpu_ld_ hacks to do 64-bit loads.

If I set TARGET_LONG_BITS=64 I can avoid the helper hack but
IIUC, now all load stores need to take TCGv_i64's which
complicates things a little in the translator since we now
need to "emulate" the 32bit mode (common-case) with 64-bit addresses
(wraps and such).
Also, I'm guessing I'd need to set TARGET_ABI32 to avoid breaking

Does someone have any good suggestions or opinion on what the
right way is?
Am I missing something?


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