On 06/04/2018 01:10, Daniel Henrique Barboza wrote:
> Yet another fix is to fully prohibit the user to set scsi_version
> scsi-block and scsi-generic cases, returning an error message right off
> the start. Not sure how hard this would be - perhaps the above
> alternatives are cleaner.
> Another fix is ... no fix. I am not sure how far the design philosophy
> of passthrough devices allows the user to overwrite device parameters in
> despite of their real values, but ....  what if the user wants to
> enforce a scsi_version when using a scsi-block device? The device will
> surely behave badly, but the user explicitly enforced it via command
> line, so perhaps let him/her have at it?

Yeah, that was the idea.  Removing it is as easy as dropping the
DEFINE_PROP_INT32 and initializing to -1 in scsi_block_realize (just
like for scsi_generic_realize), but for now we can keep it.  My usecase
was more to downgrade scsi_version from newer to 2.


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