On 11/04/2018 11:35, Peter Xu wrote:
> Yeah, the inheritance will only make sure cur_mon be initialized
> always with correct value just like when we are without Out-Of-Band.
> For example, it's still possible a thread is created within a QMP
> handler.  If without current change, the cur_mon in the new thread
> would be NULL.
> AFAIU even if cur_mon==NULL we should mostly be fine (e.g.,
> error_vprintf will handle that case well).  If any of you can help me
> confirm this, then I agree that this patch is not really needed.

Yes, though the solution is to not use error_vprintf from auxiliary
threads. :)  Just make sure all the communication happens through a
struct that's passed in the thread entry point, and possibly bottom
halves from the auxiliary thread to the monitor iothread.


> If so, maybe even we don't need to setup cur_mon at entry of monitor
> iothread, since cur_mon is always used in the way like:

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