On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 08:02:58AM -0500, Eric Blake wrote:
> You could always add qemu_fopen/qemu_fclose to match the existing
> qemu_open/qemu_close.  But you do have a point that you can't call
> qemu_close/fclose (because fclose would be left with a stale fd that
> might spuriously close something that has been opened in another thread
> during the race window), nor fclose/qemu_close.
> The FILE interface may sometimes be easier to work with, but it also
> comes with buffering issues that you don't have to worry about when
> using the fd interface.

Yeah. I'm using plain qemu_open()/qemu_close() and read/write

> Good point - but yes, ideally it should always be possible to pass in an
> fd instead of having qemu itself open a file, because there are
> execution environments where qemu is intentionally prohibited from
> directly calling open() for security reasons (where the management app,
> such as libvirt, opens and then passes fds to qemu instead).

I've converted qmp_memsave/qmp_pmemsave in extra patches to use
qemu_open() (and some additional cleanup).

> You are correct that we can't really change the existing interface; so
> documenting in the commit message that your choice of names is for
> consistency reasons may be sufficient.

Will do.

Revised patches which should implement all of your suggestions
(and the style issue noticed by the bot) as replies to this mail.

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