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> "Wuzongyong (Euler Dept)" <cordius...@huawei.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I try to hot add vcpus to a windows server 2012r2 virtual machine on
> RHEL 7.4 platform.
> > But Task Manager didn't show extra processors I hot added though they
> > appeared in Device Manager. Actually, I need to require reboot the vm
> > to make processors hot Added appear in Task Manager.
> > Is there some problem with redhat qemu? Why the processors I hot-added
> > didn't online automatically?
> > I don't know if I ask the right person or in a right mail list,
> apologize first if I bother you.
> It might depend on particular edition of windows server you are running.
> I usually test it with 'data server' edition where it supposed to work.
> Could you check if that works?
Win2012 datacenter build 9200 don't help.
I try to install a high version qemu from a centos repo, and it can hot-add
vcpus normally. I guess the release of qemu in rhel 7.5 is too low.

Wu Zongyong

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